Baja California ranks top 3 of coverage on World Cancer Day

Baja California has been ranked in the top 3 of coverage on World Cancer Day

Baja California stood out considerably regarding breast cancer care in 2023, positioning itself among the three best states evaluated by the National Center of Gender Equality and Reproductive Health through the Cancer Agency, according to Secretary of Health, J. Adrián Medina Amarillas.

On World Cancer Day, that takes place every February 4, the state's continuous improvement stood out as it joined this distinguished list led by 10 states: Guanajuato, Baja California, Sinaloa, Aguascalientes, Nayarit, Yucatán, Colima, Oaxaca, Durango, and Tamaulipas.

This ranked is based on a 100% development index which includes coverage of screening in women ages 40 to 69 years old with a two-year mammogram, coverage of complementary evaluation of women with abnormal clinical exploration, and coverage of complementary evaluation of women with mammograms; in addition, the vector development index in Baja California was at 91% in 10 indicators, ranking 2nd place regarding breast cancer in 2023.

Among the actions carried out to achieve this result there are the management to acquire supplies for screening, complementary diagnosis and treatment evaluation, and promotion and spread of material for people in a vulnerable position.

Medina Amarillas emphasized that each February 4, awareness about all types of cancer is spread and actions to achieve better assistance and treatment of cases are reaffirmed; not only of cancer in women but across all people and to prevent risk factors.

He said that in Mexico, cancer is the third cause of death, according to data by the Secretariat of Health, with the most frequent ones being breast, prostate, colon, lymphoma, thyroid, cervical, and lung cancer.

As years have gone by, rates have increased as risk factors such as consuming tobacco, obesity, hereditary factors, not being vaccinated for hepatitis B or HPV, among others, have increased.

The Secretary of Health stated that cancer in childhood and in teens is not preventable, however, the main approach in these cases is based on prompt detection, proper referrals, and immediate treatments. This is why the state agency applies detection cells and continues to train personnel to recognize signs and symptoms. It is important to note that supply of medications has been achieved in 100% of cases in the last year, he emphasized.

Lastly, he invited people interested in getting tests for any type of cancer to visit their nearest health center for guidance and for correct channeling of cases, in order to continue to provide people with prompt and efficient assistance in the fight against this disease.

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