Warning issued in Tijuana due to arrival of heavy rain tonight

Authorities are recommending people not to go out to prevent accidents

Civil Protection has issued a warning due to the arrival of heavy rain in the evening of this Sunday, February 4, which will be extended until the morning of Wednesday, February 7. Rain will be accompanied by strong winds.

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The Municipal Administration of Tijuana in coordination with Civil Protection is recommending people the following:

  • Protect children, seniors, and people sensitive to weather changes.
  • If leaving home, do it with precaution.
  • Keep an eye on cables and electrical wiring that could fall.
  • Avoid crossing streams by car or walking.
  • Don't go into the sea while the high tide alert remains.
  • If you live in a risk area, report any incident to the emergency hotline or mobile apps.
  • Keep an eye on statements and announcements by this agency issued in the following hours.

In addition, authorities recommend not going out unless it is absolutely necessary, in order to prevent accidents and putting people's lives at risk.


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