Wings, burgers, and more! These are the best sports bar to enjoy the Super Bowl in Tijuana

Watch the 49ers face off against the Chiefs at Super Bowl LVIII in Tijuana

February is Super Bowl month, the most important American football event of the year. This awaited Super Bowl where the San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs will take place on Sunday at 3:30 PM (local time).

If you are an NFL fan you for sure won't want to miss this event. It is also a great opportunity for Usher fans, as he will perform at the halftime show, and Taylor Swift fans may even catch a glimpse of her supporting her partner, Travis Kelce.

If you still don't know where to enjoy this match, here is a list of the best places in Tijuana where you can enjoy Super Bowl LVIII.


With more than 60 screens, Wildebeest is the best place to enjoy this sports event, with an amazing atmosphere and delicious food options to try.

It has a menu that includes wings, burgers, boneless, fries, nachos with beef, as well as glasses of beer, buckets, and mixology.

During the entire month of February, they will have amazing deals and a raffle that will give you the chance to win one of their NFL-inspired snack helmets.


Plaza Virreyes: Blvd Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Lomas Virreyes, 22244.
Wildebeest Prime: Paseo de los Héroes, 1011-Int A14, Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, 22010.
Plaza Río: Paseo de los Héroes, 9550-Int D14, Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, 22010.
Plaza Península: Vía Rápida Oriente 15000, local FHR-03, Chapultepec Alamar.

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One of people's favorite dishes to eat while watching a football game is wings and Wingstop knows this very well, as they are known for their original flavor and delicious salsas.

It is one of the classic and ideal restaurants to watch the Super Bowl at if you want to enjoy good food, snacks, and drinks!


Blvd. Corredor Tijuana-Rosarito 2000, #26135, Colonia Ejido Francisco Villa, Delegación La Presa.

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It is one of the classic options if you want to enjoy good food while watching a great sports event. Applebee's is a restaurant with a great variety of dishes and snacks to enjoy, which you can accompany with a glass of beer or your favorite drink.


  • Applebee 's Macroplaza: Blvd. Insurgentes #18015 Int. E-5 al 10 Colonia Río Tijuana 3era Etapa, inside Macroplaza shopping center.
  • Applebee 's Plaza Unisur: Calzada Tecnológico 14527-26 Colonia Otay Universidad, Plaza Unisur.
  • Applebee 's Galerías Hipódromo: Blvd. Agua Caliente No. 11999 Locals 212 and 213 Colonia Hipódromo Aguacaliente. Shopping Center Galerías Hipódromo.

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Medio Tiempo

An excellent option with a sports atmosphere that excels in its tradition to help you enjoy the Super Bowl is Medio Tiempo, a sports bar in Galerías, which has amazing decoration, atmosphere, and refreshing drinks.

There are several screens where you can enjoy this match and a promotion where you can buy a bucket of 8 Bud Light beers or 4 craft beers.

Location: Blvd. Agua Caliente No. 11999 Galerías Hipódromo shopping center, second floor

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Porter’s Sport Bar

Another popular option is this sports bar which has a great variety of beers and delicious dishes. This has made it one of the busiest bars by the fans of any sport.

It has several TV screens, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy the Super Bowl with your friends and enjoy an exciting atmosphere full of energy.


Plaza Coronado: Paseo Ensenada 502, Playas de Tijuana
Plaza Alameda: La Pechuga, Otay 22425.

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