Discover the perfect activities to make your own romantic route through Playas de Rosarito

Playas de Rosarito has a lot to offer from horse riding to outdoor glamping! Learn all about the recommendations by COTUCO Rosarito

With Valentine's Day celebrations currently underway, there is no better moment to surprise your partner than by making a special plan with unforgettable moments full of fun.

Whether you want to enjoy Valentine's Day with your soulmate, your family, your friends, or even yourself, Rosarito offers a unique experience with activities that will make anyone fall in love.

COTUCO Rosarito invites people from both sides of the border to visit this coastal city and make of this celebration a memorable time. Currently, there are attractive offers and promotions in hotels, restaurants, and tourist services.

Which activities can I do in Playas de Rosarito on Valentine's Day?

Rosarito is the perfect place to enjoy horse riding next to the shoreline, a romantic dinner next to the beach, or the most beautiful sunsets.

Its restaurants are known for their delicious gastronomy and the originality of each dish.

If you still don’t know where to eat, we recommend going to Puerto Nuevo and enjoy their world-renowned lobster accompanied with delicious handmade flour tortillas and served with rice and beans. You can still make a reservation for this week!

Another failproof option is to try out classic craft beers, the perfect thing to do with your friends on an afternoon. There are several bars that offer a menu of delicious beers made in the region for all tastes.

For those who wish for intimacy and relaxation with their partner, the city offers several spa, yoga, massages, and meditation services. A prime example of this is Hotel Las Rocas.

There are also destinations that are perfect to connect with nature, with ecotourism options to enjoy with your partner, friends, or by yourself.

A hidden gem that few know about are the El Médano and Cañón Rosarito routes, where you can find restaurants, camping areas, cabins, and recreational activities such as hiking, rappel, kayaking, paragliding, and ultralight flights.

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The president of COTUCO Rosarito, César Rivera González, also invited people who wish to stay in the city, saying that there are several different offers and packages that include romantic dinners and elegant hotels with ocean views.

In addition, there are outdoor glamping (glamour + camping) options that distinguishes first rate lodging services.

"This is an offer that has been growing a lot here in Playas de Rosarito, in this area of nature tourism and ecotourism. Let's remember that we have some of the busiest guided tours, such as the famous Cerro Coronel, and on these routes there are several activities that can be done with your partner, friends, or family, such as hiking, rappel, and kayaking," the President of COTUCO Rosarito stated.

Remember to check out COTUCO Rosarito's social media pages to keep yourself up to date about future events and promotions and to obtain more information about where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in Playas de Rosarito.

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