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Bioluminescent waves have returned to San Diego’s coasts

A beautiful night show occurred on Tuesday night

Bioluminescence has returned to San Diego’s coasts and it is beautiful. Pictures of this phenomenon were caught by San Diegan digital creator, Bill Griffith, who shared some of his best photos on his official Facebook page.

"Bioluminescent waves in San Diego 2-13-2244, Midnight. My 3 best Torrey Pines Bioluminescence pictures. They are extremely hard to get but so satisfying!" he said on social media.

Indeed, bioluminescence is a beautiful and strange phenomenon that tends to catch people's attention due to the neon blue color that illuminates beaches wherever it shows up.

This occurs frequently in beaches of San Diego and also in Playas de Rosarito and Tijuana, though less frequently. Here is what scientists say about this phenomenon.

Bill Griffth Facebook
Bill Griffth Facebook
Bill Griffth Facebook
Bill Griffth Facebook
Bill Griffth Facebook
Bill Griffth Facebook

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About bioluminescence

A group of researchers led by scientists of the Scripps Institution Of Oceanography and UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering have identified how a plankton species called L. polyedra was able to create this dense spread.

In addition, some fishermen tend to relate this event with the lunar cycle, due to the high tide that occurs during the full moon, though this is not 100% confirmed.

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