Montserrat Caballero requests leave of absence to run as candidate for the Municipal Presidency of Tijuana

This leave of absence will be valid starting on April 14

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez has requested a leave of absence to register as the municipal president of Tijuana as part of the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (MORENA) party. This leave of absence was made before the State Electoral Institute of Baja California (IEEBC) and it was announced that she was leaving the cabinet.

This leave of absence will be valid starting on April 14 and it is part of the electoral campaign to choose municipal officials, a process which will begin on April 15 and will conclude on Sunday, June 2, the day this election will take place.

In just two years since she took office, mayor Montserrat Caballero has given solutions to this municipality's historic issues such as ending the mega debt that had placed Tijuana as one of the country's most indebted municipalities.

In addition, the construction of important projects has been a standout. These projects are a response to social demands that favor binational trade such as Parque Recreativo y Deportivo Cerro de las Abejas in the Eastern Zone, the interurban ramp at Libramiento Rosas Magallón, and construction of Calle 12 in Otay.

During this 2023-2024 electoral process, federal and local elections will take place at the same time as the president of Mexico, senators, federal representatives, local representatives, municipal presidents, administrators, and councilors will all be elected.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero assured Tijuana natives that this decision won't affect services provided and the municipal government's functions.

Quite the contrary, the continuity and construction of the second step of the Fourth Transformation started by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be strengthened. Surely, with people's support, this transformation will continue on June 2.

During her leave of absence, Karla Ivonne Vázquez Salas, substitute of the current head of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, will be the one in charge temporarily.

Lastly, and after the leave of absence was accepted, Montserrat Caballero reaffirmed her commitment to continue working to benefit Tijuana natives and creating a Tijuana for everyone.

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