International Triumph: "Willie", the K9 pride of the Municipal Police of Tijuana, stands out in competition

He won 2nd place in an international competition which took place in the United States

The canine duo which consists of the K9 agent "Willie" and his trainer stood out as part of the Municipal Police of Tijuana as they won second place in an international competition which took place in in the United States. This achievement was praised by mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez and the Secretary of Security, José Fernando Sánchez González.

"It fills us with pride and it is an honor for us to see our canine agents demonstrate to the world the progress and skill of the police professionalization models in our agency," Sánchez González stated.

Since they are puppies, these animals are treated with a lot of love and respect due to the impressive dexterity they can develop throughout their training, which was demonstrated in this competition.

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Willie won 2nd place as the best dog of this competition as he stood out in categories such as suspect search, narcotic detection, obedience, agility, and protection.

More than 40 duos from several agencies of the world attended this event which took place in Murrieta, California, which shows that Mexico, and specifically Tijuana, is a reference regarding the efficiency of special units to fight crime.

During these tests, the dog "Aras" also participated, and he was recognized as a distinguished participant as this was his first time attending with his trainer.

In this new era of police humanism in Tijuana, maintaining permanent preparation that includes respect for species, environmental spaces, and direct assistance to society is a priority. That's why, as an institution, we help our four-legged heroes stand out, not only due to their animal beauty, but because of the care they provide to Tijuana native families.

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