Taqueria "Las 3 Salsas" at "Las Ahumaderas" in Tijuana is demolished

The demolition team is still working in the area

On Thursday, February 22, the emblematic taqueria "Las 3 Salsas" located in the renowned taqueria street in Tijuana known as "Las Ahumaderas" has been completely demolished.

According to information provided by workers of the area's taquerias, everything seems to indicate that this is part of a restoration process. It is estimated that in just a year or half a year, the taqueria could be in operations again.

This area is widely renowned by the residents of Tijuana and tourists as it concentrates a great number of taquerias that offer a variety of flavors and unique styles.

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Currently, the demolition team is working in the area, which makes moving in this street a little difficult. It is recommended that pedestrians take precautions when walking through this affected area.

The demolition of "Las 3 Salsas" has shocked local inhabitants and usual visitors of this popular street in Tijuana, but it is expected that this refurbishment brings a new and improved gastronomic experience for all taco lovers.

Famous people who have visited Las Ahumaderas

In the past, some famous people have enjoyed these taquerias. For example, Anthony Bourdain enjoyed a visit to the famous taqueria "Las Paisas" in Las Ahumaderas, where he tried a campechano taco and an adobada taco. Meanwhile, heavy metal band Megadeth visited "Las 3 Salsas" in Las Ahumaderas where they experienced the delicious flavor and diversity of options that Tijuana's tacos offer.

“The best tacos in the world are in Tijuana”: Chef Roy Choi

Roy Choi, renowned chef and gastronomic expert, tried Tijuana's tacos a few years ago. He chose to eat not only at the finest establishments, but also explore those tacos whose reputation was forged in the streets from the heat of an improvised grill.

"Tijuana's tacos are exceptional," Choi stated. "I am not exaggerating when I say that these are the best tacos in the world. I spoke with everyone and I asked them comparisons such as "What about the tacos in Mexico City? And Oaxaca?"... and the answer was unanimous: "Nothing to do with them!" Tijuana is considered the world capital of the taco, and personally, I completely agree with this statement."

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