Memorial for Municipal Police of Tijuana is inaugurated

The memorial was named "Héroes de Sangre Azul" and 66 representative plaques of retired officers were placed

The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, led by mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, inaugurated the "Héroes de Sangre Azul" memorial at Casa del Policía y Bombero in order to honor retired officers who are part of the Secretariat of Municipal Security and Citizen Protection (SSPCM) by initially placing 66 plaques.

Mission accomplished! or code 10-18, means that, starting from this moment on, these retired policemen have left their mark on this memorial; a show of gratitude by the mayor and her administration for the work that agents have carried out in more than 30 years of service in the Municipal Agency of Police and Traffic.

Dignifying the work by municipal agents is a priority for the institution led by the head of SSPCM, José Fernando Sánchez González, who has recognized the dedication and determination of each policeman and policewoman by ensuring the security of families. That's why he thanked the agents' bravery that, with pride and hard work, have fulfilled the commitment they made when entering this organization.

In his speech, senior official, Marcelo Machain Servín, reminded officers of the creation of a trust with a seed capital authorized by the state congress of 150 million pesos and also spoke of the budget considered for wage increases for police officers.

Machain Servín underscored that the mayor has always been aware of the concerns of agents through the head of the Secretariat in order to give a better life to those who, without any questions, took care and are taking care of the city.

During the ceremony, with an "Exemplary Achievement" medal, the careers of Nacho, Apollo, Rambo, Sophia, Tommy, and Dantino, canine agents who were retired from active duty and put Tijuana's name in high places in several international competitions, were recognized.

Officer María Teresa García said that being a dog trainer provides a significant experience because you find a partner, a bodyguard, and a family member with four legs, who is always active 24 hours a day as a loyal companion during operations, interventions, and long nights with the same goal of arriving home safely.

Officer Carlos García Rodríguez, who has been retired for 8 months, thanked the authorities and being part of the police. "I have 42 years of service and for me, I am grateful to God, because it is not easy, it never was, but I am proud of everyone. A police career is the most beautiful, thing because a lot of experiences come together, and though it makes us be apart from our family, it is still beautiful."

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