Return of rain has been forecasted in Tijuana for next week

In addition, low temperatures and cloudiness are expected for this weekend

After several weeks of rain, we thought that weather would give us a break, however it seems that we are wrong, as rain has been forecasted for two days next week.

According to weather website, Meteored, rain will come back on Monday and Tuesday. According to information revealed by this website, there is a 67% and an 80% chance of rain for Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

It should be noted that there is a 30% chance of rain for the morning of Saturday, February 24.

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with low temperatures

But this is not the only thing you should know about the weather, as cold is expected to hit the region during this weekend. In addition, cloudiness will be present until Monday when conditions will change to welcome rain.

Lowest temperatures this weekend will be on Friday, February 23 with 9°C while the highest temperatures will also be on Friday with 21°C. Minimum temperatures will be 12°C for the rest of the weekend.

Remember that it is important to keep an eye on weather forecasts, as conditions can change suddenly at any moment especially during winter. In addition, it is recommended to keep an eye on Civil Protection Tijuana, who are in charge of informing people about any emergency.

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