Marina del Pilar administration doubles delivery of prostheses to people with disabilities

In this administration, 7.2 million pesos have been invested to deliver aid to improve the quality of life of Baja Californians

Photo by: En la presente administración, se han invertido 7.2 millones de pesos para entregar apoyos en favor de la calidad de vida de las y los bajacalifornianos

Governor Marina del Pilar revealed that during her administration a total of 156 people have improved their lives because they have received prostheses from DIF Baja California. She also revealed that in order to achieve this, 7.2 million pesos have been invested from the Multiple Contribution Fund (FAM), approximately double of what was invested in previous administrations.

The state governor explained that the program assists people that, for different reasons, need protheses. In addition, she said that the program has significantly grown since November 2023 as four deliveries of prostheses, costing 3.6 million pesos, have been carried out at Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centers (CRI) in Mexicali and Tijuana.

The president of DIF Baja California, Mavis Olmeda García, stated that two of these four deliveries took place during the 2023 State Week for People with Disabilities, where 30 people were benefitted with this same number of aids. In Tijuana, 31 aid deliveries were carried out. She explained that in this current month of February, these deliveries benefited 25 people in Mexicali and Tijuana.

"These protheses are a result of intense work carried out by each person that works in DIF Baja California, as people with disabilities have access to the necessary conditions to move forward with their lives. To them, we reiterate our commitment to continue consolidating this work in order to benefit you and your families," Mavis Olmeda emphasized.

The state official underscored that all beneficiaries went through a rehabilitation process before and after the delivery of protheses so they could adapt to it.

"I am very grateful with the State DIF System for making it easier to get a prothesis, as this will help me to continue working. This prosthesis gives me the dream of moving ahead with my daily life," 47-year-old Noe Amador García, one of the beneficiaries in the municipality of Mexicali, said.

The state government, through the Baja California DIF System, will continue to support the community that needs it with prosthesis or any other aid. That's why the phone line (686) 551 6600 is open for people who need to get more information.

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