Prepare yourself! Improvement works at Santa Fe roundabout begin today

124,000 Tijuana native residents who live in the area drive through this roundabout to reach their destinations

On Monday, February 26, repair work began at the Santa Fe roundabout, which will lead to people and machinery working to move soil and remove objects in order to improve this intersection. This project will take approximately 4 months.

The head of the Secretariat of Territorial, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), Juan Enrique Bautista Corona, revealed that the improvement of this project will be carried out with staff from the Agency of Municipal Projects and Urban Infrastructure (DOIUM) and participation of members of the National Chamber of Housing (CANADEVI) with a total investment of 15 million pesos, which includes the project and improvements to the mobility environment for drivers and pedestrians.

The official pointed out that this project will be carried out in a way so as to not interfere with daily traffic in the area to respect peak hours of vehicular traffic. Firstly, improvement work will be carried out in median strips and nearby municipal areas that will allow for more traffic lanes to be opened before improving the ones that already exist.

Bautista Corona pointed out that of the 124,000 Tijuana natives that live in Santa Fe, 60% of them use and pass through this roundabout to reach their destinations, which results in more than 48,000 daily vehicles. This is why this project is of great importance for the municipal government and a priority for mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez.

He recalled that this project was discussed with residents and evaluated and approved by SDTUA, the Secretariat of Sustainable Urban Mobility (SEMOV), the Metropolitan Institute of Planning in Tijuana (IMPLAN), experts and specialists on the matter, and members of the School of Civil Engineers and School of Architects of Tijuana.

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