CECUT will be regional venue of Compañía Nacional de Teatro

Theater fans will be able to enjoy the theater offerings that Compañía Nacional de Teatro is bringing to CECUT

This week Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) will become the regional venue of Compañía Nacional de Teatro, where a wide variety of activities and stagings will take place. This event has toured other cities and, on this occasion, Tijuana was the place chosen to host it.

From February 29 to March 3, theater fans, students, and professionals will gather to celebrate the different ways of this sublime form of expression. Workshops and performances will take place in several spots of the city and will give way to a project where CECUT will bring to the public the best theater offerings in Mexico. It will also promote teachings and lessons to strengthen actors, experts, and spectators.

Activities of Compañía Nacional de Teatro

Workshop "Tu palabra da voz a mi palabra"

On Thursday, February 29 and on Friday, March 1, the Verbal Expression Workshop, which will be taught by Luisa Huerta, winner of the Ariel Award to Best Actress, and Best Actress Award by the Mexican Association of Theater Critics, and Beneficiary of the Artistic Residency Program at Grupos Estables of INBAL (PRAGEI).

This workshop is meant for acting students and professionals, and it will be taught at Salón de Ensayos 1 in CECUT from 11 AM to 3 PM. Limited capacity.

The goal of this workshop is to be able to communicate ideas with an expressive voice and give life to teather texts.

Stage and Body Expressivity Workshop

From Thursday, February 29 to Friday, March 1, Roldán Ramírez Gutiérrez, beneficiary of PRAGEI, will teach this workshop, training to develop a creative state in the stage through the body.

Meant for creators still learning and professionals related to the scenic arts, the workshop will be taught at Salón de Ensayos 1 from 4 PM to 7 PM with limited capacity.

Scenic Autofiction Workshop

Workshop for actors that will take place on Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2 with Ana Karen Peraza Méndez, beneficiary of PRAGEI, who will teach professionals actors about the formation of concepts regarding experimentation through practice-theory.

It will take place at Salón de Ensayos 2 from 4 PM to 7 PM with limited capacity. Information about these workshops can be obtained at the following emails: and

Talks and Conferences

Talk, "La profesión del actor" by Daniel Giménez, actor of Cronos, the first movie by director Guillermo del Toro.

Time, day, and place: Saturday, March 2 in Sala Federico Campbell at 5 PM

Conference with Compañía Nacional de Treatro, Aurora Cano, artistic director of this company, Luisa Huertas, Óscar Narváez, and Luis Rábago will all participate.

This conference will have limited capacity and to attend you'll need to register by sending an email to:

Time, day, and place: Sunday, March 3 at 4 PM, meant for local groups.


El Diccionario, work by Manuel Calzada Pérez, directed by Enrique Singer, and featuring Luisa Huertas, Óscar Narváez, Antonio Rojas, and Roldán Ramírez.

Time, day, and place: Sala de Espectáculos at 7 PM, free admission.

Y Fuimos Héroes, will be the only event that will take place outside CECUT facilities. This play is written by Maribel Carrasco, directed by Luis Rivera, and the cast includes Óscar Narváez and Luis Rábago, actor of series such as Club de Cuervos and Monarca.

Time, day, and place: Teatro Universitario Rubén Vizcaíno at 12 PM, free admission.

¡Violencia! After a failed relationship, Valeria Loera, National Award for Young Playwright Gerardo Mancebo, wrote this play, directed by Diana Sedano, with performances by Daniel Giménez Cacho, Érika de la Llave, Mireya González, Jorge León, Miguel Ángel López, Dulce Mariel, Ana Karen Peraza, María del Mar Náder, Cecilia Ramírez Romo, and Mariana Villaseñor.

Time, day, and place: Sala de Espectáculos at 6 PM, free admission.

Keep an eye on the remaining activities and performances that CECUT will offer in the next few months:



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