David Saúl Guakil of Movimiento Ciudadano begins his "De Alegría" Senate campaign

The Movimiento Ciudadano candidate pointed out that Mexico needs to change

The Senate candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano, David Saúl Guakil, began his canvassing campaign "De Alegría"; highlighting that he has nothing against any opponent while sharing a message on social media in the first minutes of the early morning of Friday, March 1.

However, he said that he was confident in his triumph and said that during the next 90 days he won't act as a candidate, but as a senator, because he is convinced that "We are here to change the destination of our city and of this state," and that they need to influence, nationwide, so as to convince Mexicans that "Mexico needs to change because it needs something new."

During his video message on social media, Guakil said that it is urgent to boost companies, because they create businesses and strengthen the economy that benefits everyone. He emphasized that positive results cannot be given "if we don't all have our pockets full."

He said that he was in favor of the philosophy that to grow one has to make the person in front of you grow, because development cannot be one-sided. He announced that in the next three months he will make proposals to different sectors of Baja Californian society to benefit growth and promote development for everyone.

He said that one of the current issues affecting companies is insecurity and emphasized that the federation is the one in charge of guaranteeing security for people, their families, and their businesses. This is stated in the constitution and "they are not doing that."

He also said that one of his main proposals is the return of the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, that supported micro and small-sized companies that were not given the necessary attention after the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of them closed their doors.

He said that one of his main law initiatives will be the ones that benefit children, because they are the future of our city, our state, and our country, and they are not being properly protected.

David Saúl Guakil, Senate candidate for Baja California, began his campaign activities with a video message on social media in the early morning of Friday. At 8 AM, he ate breakfast at Colecta 2024 in the Red Cross; at 10 AM, alongside the orange brigade, he placed stickers of his publicity in hundreds of vehicles in Bulevar Sánchez Taboada. Later, he had private interviews with journalists.

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