Who is Roberto Gallegos, the Tijuana native who has been called "the perfect man"?

He has become a positive example for those who are looking for inspiration and aspire to transform their lives

Have you had the opportunity to meet someone who seems perfect? You may think that finding the perfect man is an impossible task, but there are certain characteristics that stand out and make us see certain men as ideal or exceptional. In this context, we present to you Roberto Gallegos, the influencer many think represents the perfect man.

Who is Roberto Gallegos?

Roberto is a young, 24-year-old Tijuana native who became popular on TikTok and who shares motivational videos, training routines, and videos on how he decided to change his life.

He promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health, and shares his experience on how he began to fight for his dreams, with no excuses, while staying away from everything that can stop him from reaching his dream.

The fact that he is young, studious, athletic, chivalrous, shows his love for his mother, and is kind with all of his fans that he finds in the streets, has made him become more and more popular.

VIDEO: Roberto Gallegos, Tijuana native who has been called "the perfect man"

His influence

Showing himself as an example to follow, renowned brands such as Oster México, Cerave, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, McCormick, NauticaJeans, C4 Energy, Uber Eats, and Samsung have sponsored him.

In the last few weeks, it became very popular among girls to say that they need a Roberto Gallegos, using the name as a reference of someone who is educated, athletic, chivalrous, and handsome.

Roberto Gallegos and his girlfriend

This influencer's name has been making the rounds in the last few weeks, but not as in the beginning, as he revealed in one of his videos that he was in love.

This announcement made several of his female fans sad.

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