Authorities carry out rickettsiosis prevention activities in Tijuana's eastern zone

It is recommended to avoid outdoor water deposits to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes who transmit dengue

Authorities of the Health Services Jurisdiction of Tijuana (JSST) are currently cooperating to inform the community about the ways to prevent rickettsiosis, its symptoms, and the importance of going to the nearest health center as soon as possible when feeling its symptoms, as this is a disease that could be fatal.

Members of the Health Promotion, Epidemiology, Zoonosis, and Vectors programs are going door to door to inform the community about the main measures against rickettsiosis. This also includes Tecate and Playas de Rosarito as cases can also happen there.

Information about rickettsiosis is given through leaflets and verbally to neighbors so that they are able to identify its signs and symptoms, strengthen good hygiene practices at home, especially with pets, such as bathing and deworming, so that they know the health centers where they can go to in case they need medical assistance. This is all done in order to prevent transmission and to treat it in case it has been caught.

These actions have concentrated on the eastern zone of Tijuana, around the neighborhoods close to the Ojo de Agua, La Presa, and Terrazas del Valle Health Centers, with special interest in the community of Bulevar 2000.

Families are being asked to keep their pets out of their homes, in clean yards, free of old furniture, mattresses, rugs, and garbage, where ticks mostly live.

In addition, they are informed about the health centers they can go to in case they need medical assistance, so that any contact with ticks is assessed and treated promptly.

Symptoms tend to be: fever, chills and sweating, headaches, light sensitivity, muscle pains, and skin rash.

It is recommended that, after the first appearance of this disease, patients are taken to the nearest health center, where staff is trained to identify and promptly treat this disease.

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