Municipal Administration of Tijuana strengthens actions to eradicate violence against women

In all of Baja California, the "Gender Violence Against Women Alert (AVGM)" has been recently implemented

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana recently presented a follow up report regarding actions implemented to guarantee access of women to a life free of violence as well as cases addressed by the Gender Violence Against Women Alert (AVGM) declared in the state. This occurred during an extraordinary session of the Municipal System to prevent, address, sanction, and eradicate gender-based violence.

After leading the first session of 2024, mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez highlighted the coordinated work by all agencies involved to implement the Comprehensive Program to Prevent, Address, Sanction, and Eradicate Violence Against Women (PIPASE) which was established in five priority zones with concrete strategies.

"Today we are presenting the first 2024 report of this comprehensive program, the main actions, and numbers that we have achieved, but above all, we want to tell you all the preventive actions that they can take and what to do when a woman experiences some kind of violence," the mayor said.

These priority zones have been identified according to the reports made to the 911 emergency number and these are the neighborhoods: Natura and Hacienda Las Delicias; Camino Verde; Downtown; Valle Dorado and Urbi Villas del Prado; Villas del Campo and Parajes del Valle, explained Jorge Aguirre Carbajal, technical Secretary of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection.

Caballero Ramírez told the members of the system that most reports in these priority areas correspond to violence from partners, followed by family violence, which is why preventive actions and immediate assistance to guarantee security have been strengthened.

He also recognized the work by the Municipal Institute of Planning, agency in charge of evaluating and following up on actions by PIPASE.

At this meeting, Tanya Mota Alvarado, director of the Municipal Institute of Woman (IMMUJER), stated that by complying with the mechanisms of the AVGM, the Municipal Administration of Tijuana has addressed the recommendations of prevention, security, and justice where the municipal administration gets involved.

As such, she said that this municipality is the only one with a comprehensive program called PIPASE and that it has achieved the EC0539 jurisdiction standard that AVGM demands of public officials to assist women who have been victims of violence.

Regarding preventive measures, another progress is the boost of Botón Morado which has reached 105,000 downloads. Just in 2023, 893 alerts due to gender violence, of which 138 occurred in priority zones, have been addressed.

She also spoke about Punto Naranja (Orange Spot) which responds to security measure #7 established by AVGM, with a total of 612 orange spots. Regarding this, other municipalities such as Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City have been trained on this matter.

Regarding security matters, the Municipal Government established a social tissue reconstruction mechanism called Territorio Morado, with nine committees, 1 per delegation, and more than 100 women participating in them. There will also be 800 protection order follow-ups made by FGE.

Regarding justice measures, they are working on a specialized mechanism against institutional violence. Through the Secretariat of Security, they are participating in the committee against human trafficking to diminish its impact.

The Municipal Administration reiterates to Tijuana natives that when facing against a risky situation, they can use the Botón Morado and the Botón de Emergencia mobile apps and/or go to a Punto Naranja. They also can have access to protection and legal and psychological assistance through agencies such as IMMUJER.

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