Operation “Vacaciones Seguras Semana Santa 2024” begins in Tijuana

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana issued some recommendations so that there are no incidents in the city

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana announced the implementation of the "Vacaciones Seguras Semana Santa 2024" operation for the vacation period. This will be carried out by several agencies through interinstitutional coordination to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of residents and tourists.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez waved the starting flag for the beginning of this operation where the Municipal Police of Tijuana, the Firefighter Department, Municipal Civil Protection, state authorities, federal authorities, the Red Cross, rescue groups, and volunteers will all participate.

The mayor said that, through this deployment, assistance spots will be established in strategic places and tourist areas, strengthening coordination with agencies from the three levels of government and the trade industry.

"We all have a great responsibility so that during this vacation period we have no incidents and so that we can continue strengthening safety among everyone," Caballero Ramírez stated during this operation's launch at the main roundabout of Paseo del Río.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero called on local and foreign tourists and merchants to download the mobile app "Botón de Emergencia" where they can make reports regarding traffic, medical emergencies, and security emergencies to receive prompt response from authorities.

"I recognized the effort and work among the three levels of government that will guarantee the safety of tourists, our citizens, and our businessmen. I want to tell you that I completely trust that they will be looking to safeguard everyone's wellbeing," the mayor of Tijuana said.

Fernando Sánchez González, Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Tijuana, stated that they will use the complete forces of the Police and Firefighter Departments and deploy them in strategic areas, supported by the intelligence unit, drones, and constant patrolling to stop crimes.

An awareness campaign about the importance of following road rules to prevent car accidents, respecting the law, and taking care of the environment will also be launched.

Meanwhile, Captain Rafael Carrillo Venegas, director of the Tijuana Firefighter Department, issued a series of recommendations such as being careful when driving and when going to the beach or pools, not getting in dams, checking gas pipes at home if leaving on a trip, leaving pets with a family member or neighbor, among other things that will help to safeguard people and their properties.

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