Governor Marina del Pilar reviews actions between Mexico and the US related to water supply

A meeting was held with the leader of IBWC while the governor was accompanied by the Secretary for the Management, Treatment, and Protection of Water in Baja California, Víctor Daniel Amador Barragán

In order to give continuity to bilateral commitments established in documents 320, 323, and 328, meant to implement measures that ensure a proper supply of water for homes in the state, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, held a meeting with the director of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), Adriana Reséndez.

The state governor, accompanied by the Secretary for the Management, Treatment, and Protection of Water in Baja California, Víctor Daniel Amador Barragán, and the Secretary of the Interior, Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas, recognized the importance that supply and access to this vital liquid means for both countries.

She highlighted that the world is facing the phenomenon known as "water stress" which the Colorado River also suffers from. However, by working with the Mexican IBWC and its American counterpart, and the several different entities that benefit from this watershed, administrative measures have been carried out to protect and guarantee water supply and the hydric resilience of the river.

As such, the capability to distribute water to other municipalities through water infrastructure in our state has been guaranteed, Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas stated.

For his part, the head of SEPROA revealed that the State Water Program (PEH) of Baja California was recently presented. This program was created after a diagnosis of the state's current situation regarding potable water and its distribution and treatment was made.

This documented guide includes 58 projects and actions classified as necessary to have optimal water supply, mainly in the state's coastal communities. Among the main projects, there are four regarding desalination, four regarding restoration and expansion of the sanitation area, and three regarding reuse. In addition, the strengthening of potable water and sewer network infrastructure has been included.

The head of IBWC emphasized that, regarding Act 320, projects and actions are included that both Mexico and the United States can carry out in order to achieve great conservation and harnessing of water.

Lastly, Mexican and US authorities made a commitment of continuing to work in a coordinated manner to guarantee the supply of water for both regions.

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