Will rain continue to hit Tijuana this Monday?

Could it be that we can finally get a break from rain? Learn all about it.

In the last few days, the city of Tijuana has been hit with constant rain. Almost the entire weekend, we experienced light and intense rain, which is why it is normal to ask: will rain continue to hit Tijuana in the next few days?

Here's the answer. According to weather forecasts by weather forecast website Meteored, rain in Tijuana will stop today. Though there will be cloudiness, most of the day will be sunny.

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Rain will come back this week

Don't hurry, however, as rain will also come back this week. According to forecasts, on Friday and Saturday, rain is expected to arrive in the region. However, chances of rain are low and so far, only light showers have been forecasted.

On the other hand, fog is forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday and low temperatures are expected for the entire week. Minimum temperatures will be 7°C while maximum temperatures will reach 19°C.

Remember that it is important to keep an eye on weather forecasts, as temperatures can change suddenly at any moment especially during this season. Keep yourself informed before planning any trips!

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