Governor Marina del Pilar is named "2024 Young Global Leader" at World Economic Forum

The state governor of Baja California was chosen as a member of the new 2024 class of "Young Global Leaders", a program by the World Economic Forum

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, was recently chosen as a member of the new 2024 class of "Young Global Leaders", an initiative that is part of the World Economic Forum where outstanding leaders from several different countries are recognized.

On social media, Marina del Pilar shared her happiness and thanked the acknowledgement, which she described as a responsibility to continue working for the wellbeing of the Baja Californian people.

The state official also made a commitment to create new initiatives in order to achieve the change that so many citizens have dreamt about, reiterating her gratitude at being chosen as one of the 100 people in this program.

What is a Young Global Leader?

Each year, the Forum of Young Global Leaders goes through a rigorous selection process to identify, select, and celebrate notable leaders under the age of 40 from different communities and industries from all over the world.

These members are young leaders that exemplify what we need the most right now: hope, empathy, authenticity, and promotion of solutions that lead the world to a better place.

In these hard times, an opportunity has emerged so that leaders can show off their roles to responsibly improve the state of the world. Check out the complete list of the 2024 Young Global Leader class on the following link.

Marina del Pilar, first Baja Californian governor to be invited to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland

One of Marina del Pilar's most recent accomplishments was her invitation to participate at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, an international space that could be essential to boost the development of Baja California.

As such, the official became the first Baja Californian politician to attend this event as a representative of Mexico on a panel titled "Economic Realism in Latin America".

Some of the issues that were discussed here were climate change, creation of economic strategies, and the prioritization of peace to resolve international conflicts, discussions where the support of the world's most influential minds is needed.

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