Governor Marina del Pilar inaugurates Mexico’s first Taco Museum in the city of Tijuana

The governor cut the ribbon to officially inaugurate the first Taco Museum in Mexico

Mexican gastronomy is, without a doubt, one of Mexico's most beautiful arts; its delicious and varied flavors make it one of the world's most attractive gastronomies. Among all of its dishes, tacos have become everyone's favorite dish.

In the city of Tijuana, this dish is very relevant as it is a dish that is part of the city's identity and a boost for the local economy. As such, a Taco Museum was built in this Tijuana, the first one in Mexico.

Located in the legendary Avenida Revolución, between 6th and 7th streets, the Taco Museum was built as a place to enjoy delicious samples of asada or al pastor tacos, while also offering a tour through different themed rooms that showcase how this dish is made, perfect for the whole family.

This Thursday, the inauguration of this building took place in the presence of Governor Marina del Pilar who also recognized and thanked the work of the taqueros who delight the palates of all taco fans. At the same time, she spoke about the importance that tacos have in the region, as it is a great source of work and income.

This food, the governor highlighted, is already part of the social tissue of those who need it the most, which is why, the governor supports all entrepreneurs and such is the case with the Taco Museum.

Here is where tacos begin and every good taco has a history, identity, culture, but above all, every good taco has a lot of love and a lot, a lot of heart. Our Tijuana is a great multicultural mosaic where all these gastronomic expressions of each region of the country are reflected, which means that there are tacos in the city for all tastes.

The Taco Museum has 9 interactive rooms that offer people a different look at this food. These rooms are the Charcoal Room, the Onion Room, with a green onion carrousel; the Avocado Room; the Tortilla Room, the Meat Room, the Taqueria Room, the Salsa Room, and a slide with a ball pit.

The museum's general director, Antonio Gamboa Bustamante, stated that the goal was to offer Tijuana natives something different: a space where people can come together to enjoy and feel proud of being in the same city, in a same space. He added that the Tijuana taco is a representation of the cultural mix that has reached this border city.

During the inauguration ceremony where the ribbon cut was made, the work by Javier Valadez, representative of Tacos El Franc, one of the most popular taquerias in Tijuana, was recognized.

The Taco Museum is open from 1 PM to 9 PM from Tuesday to Saturday and from 1 PM to 8 PM on Sundays. One will also be able to schedule school and tourist tours.


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