Government of Baja California expands health coverage on priority attention areas in the state

The government of Baja California expands health coverage on priority attention areas in the state

On Sunday, April 7, World Health Day is celebrated and, as such, the administration led by Governor Marina del Pilar, through the Secretariat of Health of Baja California, has expanded coverage of free health services on priority attention areas.

That's why, the Secretariat of Health revealed that effective care coverage implies that all people have access to health services when and where they need it and for free.

Through the Mobile Health Center program, 136 areas with hard access are being assisted through health centers and hospitals. So far, 174,500 free medical services have been provided for 624,000 benefitted people.

Each week, these health units visit different municipalities with units equipped with technology used for labs, mammograms, X-rays, pharmacy, medical consultations, vaccines for the whole family, among other services.

In addition, the state has assisted the population through 352 basic cores, integrated by a team of health professionals (medical area, nursing, and health promotion).

Each core has the capacity to treat 3,000 people with functional coverage of 80.31% benefitting 1,056,000 inhabitants, through detection, prevention, and health promotion actions, medical consultations, and case references for 2nd level assistance.

It should be noted that the state has 109 health centers including 5 Advanced Primary Assistance Health Centers (CAAPS), 53 Mobile Medical Units (UMM), 3 Ambulatory Centers for the Prevention and Assistance of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (CAPASITs), 2 Medical Specialty Medical Units for Obesity, Cardiovascular Risks, and Diabetes Mellitus (UNEMESSoRid), the Oncology UNEME, the Regional Center for Child Development (CEREDI), the Mobile Regional Center for Early Child Stimulation Development, the Dental Specialty Clinic, the State Public Health Lab (LESP), the Oncologic Ambulatory Center of Tijuana (COAT), 5 General Hospitals, and 2 Maternal Children's Hospitals.


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