Autistic artists find motivation in art taught at IMAC

With support from different programs, people’s development in several different disciplines is being boosted

The Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture (IMAC) revealed that through educational programs that expand universal knowledge and the development of people in different disciplines will strengthen the calendar of artistic and cultural activities in April, some of which are meant for children, teenagers, and adults.

A particular case will be showcased on Wednesday, April 24 with the plastic exhibition titled "Tus expresiones alumbran", where 13 young artists with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) found motivation, distractions, and tools in painting that allow them to relate to others.

This month's activities will take place in IMAC spaces and facilities, such as the cultural and reading promotion campaigns with editorial presentations on Tuesday, April 9 called "Entre cuentos y poesía 2" and "Por amor al arte" at 2 PM in Galería de la Ciudad, located in the Old Municipal Palace.

For the inhabitants of eastern Tijuana, Casa de la Cultura "El Pípila" will teach the artistic formation workshop called "Dibujo anatómico" in order to develop individuals' other intellectual and creative abilities on April 18 and April 25 at 3 PM.

On Thursday 18, the conference "Welcome to Agua Caliente" will take place at Museo de Historia de Tijuana (MuHTi). The importance of one of Tijuana's most valuable historic sites will be explored, in order to celebrate the exhibition with the same name that shows several objects, photos, and models of this tourist complex of the 1920s.

Other activities will take place in the multiple use room at Casa de Cultura in Playas de Tijuana.

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