Tijuana native Don Miguel Ruiz reveals the purpose of life and the meaning of God

The author of "The Four Agreements" solves humanity's greatest question

Following the practical guide for personal freedom, Don Miguel Ruiz, Tijuana native author of the famous bestseller "The Four Agreements", revealed to us in an exclusive interview how to get rid of inherited beliefs and limitations that hinder our development, claiming that change begins today and through our own decision.

Described as an easy method to have access to happiness and love, "The Four Agreements": "Be impeccable with your word", "Don't take anything personally", "Don't make assumptions", and "Always do your best" will help you to ask yourself interesting questions while showing you a way to fully live.

During this talk that we had in Rosarito, the master said that his book, "The Three Questions": Who am I? What is real? And, how do I express love?, is an interesting complement that measures your progress depending on the way you answer these questions.

Depending on the stage of your life, your answers change and they measure your evolution with the experience you have. We are always learning and we are always teaching. We are domesticated, we domesticate.

One of the existential questions that we tried to answer questions to is the purpose of life and the search for our purpose. Miguel Ruiz answered as following:

Isn't the question simple? People are looking for answers in the wrong way. You were born, you grow, you will probably breed, and you finally die. You are alive, your purpose is to live your life without caring what you believe or don't believe. If you are correct or incorrect, it doesn't matter, you will experience life and you have to accept what is real.

Regarding spirituality, dogmas, gods, and divinity, several cultures and religions in the world have had their own conception on the meaning of God. When Don Miguel asked us about this, we answered: "God is love and it is what gives purpose to our life, he is harmony, the creator of all things." However, he looked at us hesitatingly:

If you realize it, you are describing what you think God is, and when you describe it, it is no longer true, but you believe it, and that is important because it makes you react emotionally and it can even fanaticize you with this idea. Any religion will tell you what God is according to a hundred- or thousand-year-old tradition and the rules that God put in the world. Have you realized the trap? It is a form of control, to indoctrinate the sheep, to domesticate 8 billion people.
The simplest way to understand God is to use Albert Einstein's formula (E=MC²) in which energy is equal to God: mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. All of this together is God. It has nothing to do with judgments, beliefs, fanatism, or superstition, it is that simple. God is energy, all the creation is there, you do not need to explain any more. Matter is energy itself condensed, and that energy gives shape to everything that exists.

The primary force that moves things has created an intelligent and conscious being: humanity, to which Don Miguel gives the ability to be an organ of a greater living being that we call Earth.

Earth is a living being that has systems and devices, and one of those systems is humanity. Planet Earth is the one who is dreaming and thinking through humanity, but the atmosphere, the oceans, and all animals exist. We are part of it. The same things happens with our brains which is the one that thinks, but we have other organs that make us and make us function.

Understanding people's minds is complex, which is why the author added:

Humanity has social classes: there are those who exist that are going to rule, the ones who have power to influence the rest, and each part of humanity has its own world. By understanding this, we learn a lot of things about how humanity's mind works individually and as a totality.

You can watch a fragment of this interview down below:


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