Expo Mueble in Rosarito will be great sales opportunity for exhibitors and manufacturers

There will be 120 exhibitors from all over Mexico

The Committee of Tourism and Conventions of Rosarito (COTUCO) announced the arrival of the 7th edition of Expo Mueble that will take place from May 17 to May 19 at the Baja California Center in Rosarito.

This event is a unique opportunity to directly buy from providers furniture for restaurants, hotels, offices, and homes at a good price. Manufacturers will reveal their new products that clients will for surely love.

Lorena López, commercial director of Expo Mueble, spoke about the relevance of this event, which is the best platform in northwestern Mexico and what it represents for national and international buyers.

It has great importance due to its location, projection, and export opportunity. A lot of people from the US come here to find options for their projects and investments on this side of the border, and they are also looking for the best prices by having direct contact with exhibitors. This continues to strengthen through commercial alliances and allows them to expand.

This edition will have new pavilions: gardening, art, and real estate, as these aspects are closely related to the enhancement and promotion of construction and interiors.

People who wish to exhibit their products and participate in this exhibition, such as manufacturers, local artisans, and other providers, can request information at the following email: info@expomueblesbc.com or send a message at the following WhatsApp number: 664-802-77-81.

The advantage for sellers is that, since this is a renowned event, the attendance of 10,000 people is expected during the 3 days of this exhibition.

Interconnections created through valuable contacts and associates in the industry will strengthen alliances, opportunities to do business, and the spread of new products to carry out successful sales, positioning these products in consumers’ minds while reaching binational markets that have been growing lately. This is because people have been looking for affordable prices and exclusive pieces created manually or artistically, which can be used to decorate several different spaces.

Architects, plastic artists, manufacturers, and providers will attend this exhibition with whom you will be able to create key associations.

For consumers, meanwhile, the main attraction is that 120 exhibitors from different states such as Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Puebla, Sinaloa, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Mexico City, Coahuila, and Baja California will attend, and all of them will offer great discounts and unique manufactured pieces.

For his part, the director of COTUCO Rosarito, Licentiate Saúl Eduardo Álvarez Rojas spoke about the idea that led to the creation of this project:

We all know that in Rosarito we have very good furniture manufacturers and artisans. Mr. Juan Bosco, who started this event, saw that need here in Rosarito, he got together with the correct people, and that is how Expo Mueble came to be.

Local and southern California attendants are expected. It is a binational event as entrepreneurs and providers from the US will be able to participate by filling out their registration form.

Speaking about our region, the director of COTUCO highlighted the creations of artisans at Bulevar Popotla in Rosarito who will showcase attractive products such as mahogany and conacaste tables and wardrobes.

This means that people will be able to buy furniture and decorative products that are guarantee to have good prices and quality.

You will find from the smallest to the biggest for your industry, your shop, your home, or your office.

Two of the most significant exhibitors were present at a press conference for media outlets: Ashley Furniture and Colchones Berún, who are also launching luxury lines.

An important thing to note is that some of the furniture that will be sold are made of recycled materials, while others are made organically from natural wood and handcrafted manufacturing processes.

For attendants, there will be furniture for bathrooms, with tiles and sinks, bedrooms, kitchens, mattresses, lamps, and sculptures.

To add some variety, handcrafted and textile products will also be for sale. If we are talking about creativity and growth, Expo Mueble will offer workshops and conferences about networking, trendy interior design, and entrepreneurship, increasing the value offer and being a showcase for growth. As such, spaces are adjusted with the new needs of their environment, benefitting the knowledge of people interested and small and medium sized companies who wish to make their way in the industry.

Expo Mueble Baja California is a platform achieved thanks to the commitment and support of our valuable allies, who tirelessly back the Design, Interior Design, and Trend initiatives of the region. We are proud in acknowledging the Secretariat of Economy and Innovation of Baja California, COTUCO, Telcel, Applebee's, Silza, and Radio Latina for their comprehensive contribution to making an event of such large scale a reality. Their commitment and collaboration were essential pillars to achieve this outstanding landmark in the design and innovation landscape of the region.

To learn more, you can go to their official website. There are still spots available!
Facebook: Expo Mueble BC
Instagram: expomueble.bajacalifornia


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