Montserrat Caballero highlights contribution of 1 billion pesos to ISSSTECALI

Besides this huge number, labor-management contributions were made

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, leader of the Municipal Administration of Tijuana, highlighted the contribution of 1 billion pesos to the Institute of Social Security and Services of Government and Municipal Workers of the State (ISSSTECALI) that has been occurring during every fiscal year of her administration.

Despite the fact that health matters are handled by the state, this amount paid by the current administration, according to financial information by the municipal treasury, represents an extra amount of the one mandated to be deposited by labor-management quotas, the mayor said.

Regarding a report about the lack of medical services for a group of widows of police officers who died on the line of duty, the mayor emphasized that nobody is left in limbo.

She explained that according to the law, some groups of workers of the administration is currently affiliated to ISSSTECALI and others to the Mexican Institute of Social Security, but no one is left unprotected.

She added that the contribution to the state is not a minor thing, and that it represents a benefit for all public workers, who can also affiliate their direct family members.

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