Senate candidate Gustavo Sánchez highlights the importance of creating permanent dialogue with citizens: Platicando con Pepe Avelar

During this show, the Senate PAN candidate also spoke about the importance of checks and balances in the Senate which allows for healthy democratic activities

Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, considered an influential personality in the politics of Baja California due to the fact that he was the mayor of the municipality of Mexicali, spoke about the importance of citizen participation in the electoral process and the commitment that the Senate must have with listening to the needs of the Mexican people.

Born in the state capital, Gustavo Sánchez is a politician and lawyer who has a vision that will benefit the country and has maintained dialogue with several different community and business sectors in order to learn about their needs and create development strategies that benefit them.

The Mexican Senate candidate from Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) went to the "Platicando con Pepe Avelar" show to talk about citizens’ perception regarding current political issues. He explains that there is a crisis of electoral participation and disinterest among Mexicans due to corruption and abuse of power by several rules.

Due to this problem, the Senate aspiring candidate speaks about the need to establish links with the Baja Californian people and create permanent dialogue to learn about their needs and address them in a competent manner.

After the launch of his campaign today, the PAN candidate has visited the 7 municipalities of the state and says that the main challenges that must be faced are in regards to security matters, with an objective strategy that will allow high crime rates to drop. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen public health with programs such as "Seguro Popular", prioritize education in young people with full-time schools, and implement children's daycares.

On the other hand, Gustavo Sánchez spoke about the importance of checks and balances in the Mexican Senate for the healthy democratic activity of the country so that there's a plurality of ideas.

"It is necessary for there to be a diversity of parties in the Senate. I dream, and I say this sincerely Pepe, I hope that in the next elections, there is no party that has a majority, because it is important that there is a discussion when it comes to making decisions," Sánchez said.

The candidate reiterated that it is essential that there’s a greater participation of citizens in the upcoming elections on June 2 and he invited people to vote freely, so that they can be part of the country's most important decisions.



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