The magical European retreat in Valle de Guadalupe: Fernabella's Lodge

Its peaceful cabins and beautiful surroundings will make you reconnect with nature

Surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and a lot of peace, Fernabella’s Lodge is currently one of the most popular retreats in Valle de Guadalupe.

Just like a European retreat, these wooden cabins with gable roofs make its guests believe that they are in a fairytale due to the meticulous and picturesque details of its spaces’ designs.

Perfect for fans of photography and picnics, this place is located in a selected corner next to the main El Porvenir highway, just next to Rancho Bibayoff, where its German style facades quickly attract travelers' views.

Its builder, Anabella de Benitez, a Sonora native who was raised in Mexicali, is a lawyer and saw in these lands the opportunity to marvel at the nature nearby. Due to her love for architecture and gardening, she decided to create this project, designing it herself from its very foundation. Every object, plant, structure, and cabin were something created by her hands and choices, however, the concept began as something very different:

We came here to sell some gourmet cheese from Puebla, goat cheese, because nobody had them. These cheese with five different flavors were sold to wineries very successfully. We had an idea that it would be better to have them in a place where they could be exclusive. To attract people, we began to grill rabbits and quails. We started to add more dishes, but I had a health problem and we had to change to cabins. I started to build one and then another and that is how it all came to be.

The owner explained that the name “Fernabella’s” came to be as a combination of her husband's name, Fernando, and her own name, Anabella.

We wanted it to sound Italian because we are in the area where there are Europeans names such as Pijoan, Tregalline, and Bibayoff.

For 10 years Fernabella’s Lodge has offered lodging and romantic escapades for people who are looking for comfort. The prices for their attractive packages are seasonal and can range from $1,7000 pesos per night to $2,900 pesos for two nights with breakfast, including Café Almagre, which is located a few steps away. Another promotion that they have includes food and wine tasting from Bibayoff for a total of $4,000 pesos per couple.

The cabins' style is unique and each one has its own seal and personality.

Hispania has a Medieval touch and a Baroque atmosphere with heavy decoration that includes candelabra, religious accents, a chest, an oak barrel, Persian rugs, and Egyptian ornaments.

Toscana invites us on a trip through Italy with greater subtlety, white sheets, a high ceiling with rungs, paintings with flowers, petit furniture, and round mirrors.

Ecléctico combines several different elements and styles, with its wooden bathrooms and floors and Arabic headboards standing out. Its outer exterior is painted with beautiful hummingbirds, who use the garden as a sanctuary, it has two loyal nutcracker guardians, and it is flanked by echeverias and succulent plants.

Lastly, The 20s cabin will take you back to the decade where Charleston was king. Here you'll find items from Paris, porcelain, a clock from that era, wallpaper, and flowered quilts.

Anabella told us about what the interior design of the cabins evokes:

To not do the same thing again, we wanted to have a style that reminded you of grandma's home, something from the past. Furniture, accessories, everything is old, there are things that are more than 150 years old. Mattresses and installations are new but the furniture is rustic and was chosen one by one.

When exploring the garden, one can appreciate the dedication behind the installation: gravel paths, together with wild flowers and trails that interconnect with rooms are charming due to its abundance of colors.

A common area serves as a family meeting point for grilling and to enjoy the outdoors and can also lead to some rest if you choose to lie on its hammocks. When the night falls, due to this location being far away from the city lights, you will be able to see the contrasts of the night sky and see the stars, reconnecting you with the harmony of Earth.

Nicknamed "The Lady of the Ducks" due to her reputation of cooking ducks in firewood at home for tourists and Americans, the resident of Ejido Guadalupe became popular in the area. Though these days long past, Anabella sporadically makes dishes for herself in the kitchen that the guests can also try.

Her high charisma warmly welcomes guests and guarantees success in all forms. Among her endless number of talents, there is painting. This artistic sensibility made her skillfully paint some artwork that you can find in and outside the cabins, enhancing the countryside originality of this retreat, making it an unforgettable stay.

You can make a reservation at "Fernabella's" on their official website, on Booking, Expedia, and Best Day.


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