Candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana, Ismael Burgueño, presents proposals to maquiladora entrepreneurs

The candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana participated as a guest in the "Diálogo INDEX" series

The candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana in the "Sigamos Haciendo Historia por Baja California" coalition, Ismael Burgueño Ruiz, presented his government proposals for the maquiladora sector where he highlighted the following: "Without security, there's no investment, which is why we will work to create the conditions to be at peace and bring peace back to Tijuana."

As a guest alongside members of the Maquiladora and Export Industry Association of Tijuana (INDEX), he pointed out that it is necessary to begin from realities and not simulated numbers to resolve the security issue that affects citizens.

To design and implement this strategy, he explained that he invited lieutenant colonel, Julián Leyzaola, to become Secretary of Public Security, who is a man that knows Tijuana and who has experience and knowledge in guaranteeing short-term results.

Burgueño Ruiz highlighted that in his government’s humanistic vision to achieve the safe Tijuana we all deserve, they will work in several different prevention matters, strengthening the social tissue.

In addition, the candidate from the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (MORENA), Verde Ecologista (PVEM), and Fuerza Por México (FMX) parties said that to get to the formula to achieve results and lower crime rates, coordination between the state government and the federation will be key.

The president of INDEX, Pedro Montejo Peterson, thanked the presence of the aspiring candidate of MORENA and highlighted the need to address security, mobility issues, and the reviewing of laws about this industry. In addition, attendants reiterated their interest so that new strategies are worked on that help to directly and indirectly improve social and labor development in Tijuana's families.

Lieutenant colonel, Julián Leyzaola, who accompanied the aspiring candidate in this event, pointed out that it is vital that the business sector learns of the actions regarding this matter because they are the ones who are risking their assets by investing in the city and creating jobs, which is why they require a safe environment.

Ismael Burgueño Ruiz concluded his participation with the members of INDEX by reiterating his commitment that his administration will always be open and will have continuous communication.

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