Rocío Adame promotes sports in Rosarito: improvements in sports facilities are announced

Rocío Adame, MORENA candidate for the municipal presidency, visited the RANGERS Training Camp

Rocío Adame, candidate for the mayor's office from the MORENA party, visited the RANGERS Training Camp, a renowned sports complex committed with the comprehensive growth of young people in Rosarito.

During her visit, she was able to witness firsthand the dedication that young people have and their trainers' commitment. Participants' enthusiasm reflects the potential that exists in our youth and the importance of giving them spaces to grow and develop.

Rocío Adame expressed her deep gratitude to the RANGERS organization for their dedication throughout the years to inspire and empower young people in our city. She recognized the essential role that they have carried out as a seedbed of good athletes and students, many of which have received scholarships in renowned colleges thanks to this center's training.

She also highlighted the importance of working closely with sports institutions and community organizations to improve available sports facilities in our city.

"We have to create possibilities. They make an effort and we have to be on that level to create a space where we can practice sports. I will work to improve our sports facilities," Rocío Adame stated during her visit.

Rocío Adame's visit to the RANGERS Training Camp reflects her commitment with the promising future of our youth. Her inclusive community vision is an essential pillar of her political platform.



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