Marina del Pilar administration guarantees free health access with Bienestar clinics in Baja California

The medical center in Tijuana's Colonia Chihuahua is the first one to offer free mammograms

To guarantee health for all citizens, regardless of their economic or social condition, Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda announced the Bienestar clinic "Chihuahua" operation, which will provide medical services to around 48,000 people living in Tijuana's western zone.

The construction of this Bienestar clinic, located in Colonia Chihuahua, was supervised by Governor Marina del Pilar, alongside the Secretary of Wellbeing, Francisco Garza Ceseña, and they highlighted that this is the second of its kind, being run with resources from the government of Baja California.

The state governor explained that this assistance model has as a goal to promote that people receive free health services and save themselves having to travel to other faraway places in the city. She also spoke about the policies by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in which the entire population has access to the comprehensive health services that are offered to the most vulnerable communities.

In her speech, Governor Marina del Pilar pointed out that one of her priorities is to urgently improve public health, which is why she has focused all of her efforts to making progress to deal with inherited backwardness through several different government actions, such as Bienestar clinics. She has emphasized protecting the health of seniors and children and teenagers as this is the foundation for a dignified life and quality of life for all people, something that for this administration is quite clear.

"To provide medical assistance to the state's most remote places and to do it comprehensively, warmly, with empathy and humanism, because for us a patient will never be just a number or a statistic," she stated.

Regarding this, Garza Ceseña said that at this clinic, they are offering mammograms, medical consultations, lab studies, optometry, and dental health, all to benefit people who are not affiliated with any health institution.

The Secretary invited people to make an appointment, as these services will be scheduled in order to prevent lines and waiting times. The Chihuahua clinic number is 664 899 0260. Lastly, the governor spoke about the construction of three new hospitals in the state such as Eastern Tijuana General Hospital, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) unit, and the construction of the first hospital in the history of the municipality of San Felipe.


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