At last! Tijuana will have a week of completely sunny days

Put away your sweaters and jackets, as you probably won’t need them

Despite the fact that it's been a month since spring began, weather in Tijuana has been mostly cloudy days, with showers and low temperatures. However, it seems that for the week from April 29 to May 5 these weather conditions will finally change.

First week of May in Tijuana will be sunny

According to weather website Meteored, next week will be welcoming May with completely sunny days with clear skies.

It is expected that, during these days, maximum temperatures range between 22°C and 21°C and minimum temperatures range between 11°C and 12°C, which means that a cool and pleasant weather will begin as part of the transition from spring to summer.


Night skies will be clear which, depending on your location, will provide you with an incredible view of the night sky and the stars.

It should be noted that, so far, there has been no rain forecast for the next 14 days, which is why these weeks will be perfect to go out with your family or have fun outdoors.

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