Marina del Pilar blasts former Baja California governor Jaime Bonilla: "I see a defeated and frustrated man"

The governor spoke about her predecessor's failed political campaign

"A desperate, frustrated, defeated, unsuccessful man" were the words that the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, used for her predecessor Jaime Bonilla who is currently an aspiring candidate for the Mexican Senate.

According to her, the former state governor "has failed in everything because he fell off in the polls. He is in last place and that results in his desperation," she said, while also saying that it is very unlikely that he is reelected.

As a reminder, Jaime Bonilla has used his "peace campaigns" to attack Governor Marina del Pilar accusing her of corruption acts without providing proof.

This internal riff between both politicians has been going on for three years. The governor said these words during the registration of the athletic delegation, which will participate in the national competitions of the National Commission of Sports.

As the current governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar has undertaken several actions related to social programs to benefit vulnerable sectors, provide free access to healthcare, and support sports, infrastructure, tourism, and the economy.

One of her latest initiatives was to allocate 38.9 million pesos to the fishing and aquaculture industry of the region.

In addition, with extensions for the state’s transporters, the governor exempted by 100% the payment of circulation card renewals and mechanical checkups for people who provide this public and private service.


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