Experience Emprendedor Fest! Even closer to you in its new venue: Zonkeys Arena

The success of this event is undeniable, that is why they will move to a bigger venue in order to reach a higher number of Tijuana natives. Experience Emprendedor Fest with the Zonkeys!

Tijuana, an emblematic city where people's wishes come to life, especially for the brave people who decide to become entrepreneurs, will welcome "Emprendedor Fest" once again, but this time in a new and bigger venue with even more entrepreneurs.

With each edition, Emprendedor Fest reaches new horizons by expanding its entrepreneur community while also welcoming more visitors interested in consuming local products, consolidating itself as the event with the greatest success in the region.

It is due to its constant growth and success that Alejandra Luqueño, creator of this concept, revealed that there will be a new location for this event: the Zonkeys Arena. Being in a more central area, it provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and attendants that, due to time or distance, were not able to visit the event in its previous editions.

The Zonkeys Arena is located at Libramiento Sur, between the areas of the city known as "Pacífico" and "5 y 10". It is a very convenient place for many Tijuana natives, as one can reach it very easily by private vehicle or public transportation.

It should be noted that this new venue will be a part of this event, alongside Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) as the venues will alternate in order to provide a better experience for visitors. In addition, it will help to make this event closer to people who were not able to attend previous editions due to time or distance issues.

What will you find at Emprendedor Fest?

Among the many things that characterize this event are the amazing food businesses as they offer a wide variety of gastronomic variety that allows people to enjoy flavors from all over the world. Among the options, there are:

At this event, the offer goes beyond food. You will also find a variety of stands with products perfect for the whole family. There will be viral items, stationery inspired by famous characters such as Hello Kitty, elegant bows, makeup, clothes, creative candles, unique cups, services for events, and much more.

For this new edition, Emprendedor Fest in collaboration with the Tijuana Zonkeys are looking to promote a healthy and familiar lifestyle through sports. That's why, several activities at the Arena's training grounds will take place where children will have the opportunity to have fun and exercise alongside the Zonkey mascot and dancers known as "Sombras" (Shadows).

This event distinguishes itself due to its extraordinary family environment, which provides a program full of exceptional entertainment. You will enjoy an amazing show by the classic and iconic Tijuana native character, Mimo Moy. You will be able to relive the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s with an amazing concert by live local bands:Azul Eléctrico and Los Gatos Negros.

Pets: the heart of Emprendedor Fest

Promotion of responsible pet adoption will continue, as Fundación Lele and Mibo Dog will be looking for the ideal adoptive parents for their rescues which include senior dogs who are waiting for the perfect family to enjoy the best years of their life alongside people who love and take care of them.

Pets will be the stars of this event, as several businesses will offer a variety of snacks, desserts, and dishes specially for them. In addition, you will find a great variety of amazing items such as costumes, fashion accessories, and clothes for all seasons. There will also be products that are designed to make your pets' daily lives easier such as toys, vitamins, and much more.

These are some of the dogs that Fundación Lele will bring to the event that are hoping to find their perfect family:

Ron and Toto (from left to right)
Ron and Toto (from left to right)
Jack and Reina (from left to right)
Jack and Reina (from left to right)

The biggest entrepreneur event that supports Tijuana native businesses

So far, more than 600 entrepreneurs have benefitted from Emprendedor Fest, which is why you will for surely discover more businesses to connect with and inspire yourself with in this new venue.

Luqueño's vision has always been to provide the greatest support to Tijuana’s small businesses. This has been achieved little by little and there is no better evidence than the new venue being the Zonkeys Arena, which will provide a bigger space for entrepreneurs. They are also looking to make visitors' experience more pleasant by making it possible to rest in green areas and by promoting sports.

Alejandra also shared her vision of taking this event to other Mexican states, which could give way to the promotion of local entrepreneurs as a national occurrence with Emprendedor Fest.

It is essential to highlight that this has not only been a springboard for entrepreneurs but also a source of inspiration for individuals who, after visiting the event, have been motivated to follow their dream of starting their own business. Many of them are now actively participating in the latest editions, showcasing their brands and products in stands that reflect their passion and dedication. This is the transformative power of an event that boosts dreams and creates opportunities!

To learn more about Emprendedor Fest, follow their social media pages:

Facebook: Emprendedor fest tijuana

Instagram: @emprendedorfest.tij

Website: Emprendedor Fest Tijuana

VIDEO: Visit Emprendedor Fest at its new venue: Zonkeys Arena


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