Prepare yourself for the magical floral experience of Mictlán in Tijuana

Areas dedicated to spring have been built and are coming to Mictlán

Mictlán is surprising everyone with a new concept full of flowers and colors. This is due to the first spring edition that will take place starting in May that you will for surely love.

In the last few months, the Mictlán team has been working to create a proper magical experience for the spring season. Despite the fact that it is still cold and rain keeps falling in Tijuana, this natural space has managed to make each corner a warm area.

Mictlán Temporada Mágica will be available from May 4 to June 2 from 9 AM to 5 PM. Price is $150 pesos for children and adults. It is a 100% family friendly event with delicious food, drinks, magic, and areas to take pictures.

Joaquín Hernández, one of the people in charge of the construction of this project and a treehouse, claimed the following:

I, like any other child, had the dream of having a treehouse. I never had one. My grandpa had a small farm with a pond where there was a tree branch and we used that branch to play. It was like our treehouse, but we called it a boat.

He also said that the construction plan was to use materials provided by nature but also tools that are used to build.



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