Americans claim they won't travel to Baja California after disappearance of surfers in Ensenada

Many people are questioning how safe it is to travel to Baja California

Baja California is visited daily by thousands of tourists from Mexico and the United States who come here, by plane or car, in order to visit its famous beaches, coasts, and municipalities. However, due to a recent case the opinion and perspective of many visitors have completely changed.

After disappearance of 2 Australians and 1 American, tourists don't want to visit Baja California

Last Friday, May 3, the State's Attorney General Office confirmed they found 3 lifeless bodies through a specialized operation as they were located in a well near La Bocana, in the town of Santo Tomás, Maneadero Delegation. This search occurred after two Australian brothers, Jake and Calum Robinson, and their American companion were reported missing on their way to Ensenada last Saturday, April 27. After camping, they never contacted their family again.

The finding of these bodies has caused shock in the surf and tourism community that regularly visits Baja California, making several people question whether they should visit the state or avoid it altogether for a while. It should be noted that it has not been confirmed if these bodies belong to these missing tourists.

An internet user said the following in regards to the safety of driving through the highways of Baja California:

After seeing what happened to these three surfers in the Pacific coast (my heart breaks for all these families) I would like to know from people about the safety and risks of driving here.

On the Facebook group called "Talk Baja" (where the disappearance of these people was first shared), there has been an increase in the number of posts questioning whether it is wise to visit Baja California with their families (specially minors), asking for recommendations on how to travel safely, and with advice in which not visiting the state right now is suggested.

An internet user recently posted:

It is not the first or last time that something like this has happened in Baja California. I strongly recommend not coming for a while. It is really bad right now.

Though there are some people who have shared that they haven't experienced any problems during their trip and have enjoyed everything the state has to offer, there are some who are recommending taking extreme measures "just in case."

I strongly recommend making a will and a trust if you haven't made them, and leave someone in charge in case you disappear.

With the arrival of summer vacations, it is unknown if this case could greatly affect the tourism of the state and the coastal municipalities, which are visited and create economic flow into the region's local businesses.

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