BC Attorney general’s office makes progress in investigation of case three foreigners reported missing

Within hours of the incident being reported, one of the alleged suspects appeared before the court and is currently in prison; two individuals are in preventive detention for federal crimes and are under investigation for these events

A person identified as Jesús Gerardo "N", alias "El Kekas", with an arrest warrant for the crime of forced disappearance of persons, is already behind bars as a result of the investigation conducted by the Attorney General's Office, regarding the case of the two Australian brothers and the American who had been reported missing in Ensenada, as announced by the Attorney General of Baja California, Ma. Elena Andrade Ramírez.

During a press conference, she stated that thanks to the immediate reaction of the Attorney General's Office, this individual, who also has a criminal record, is already in jail, while two other individuals, a man and a woman, remain in preventive detention for federal crimes and it is not ruled out that they could be directly or indirectly related to this case.

The State Prosecutor reiterated that there is a high possibility that the bodies found in a well over 15 meters deep correspond to the Australian brothers Jake and Callum and Jack, however, she said, confirmation will be made once the family identifies them, or by the result obtained from genetic tests.

Regarding a fourth corpse found in the same well, this is not related to these events and, she stated, efforts are being made to first determine its identity and to know if it is related to any other investigation being carried out.

In the operation to extract the bodies, carried out in a difficult-to-access area south of Ensenada, elements of the State Investigation Agency of the Prosecutor's Office participated, in coordinated work with other government agencies at different levels.

Andrade Ramírez emphasized that, as part of the diligences that the Prosecutor's Office carried out as part of the investigation into the disappearance of the foreign tourists, the place where they had apparently camped was inspected, in the area known as La Bocana Santo Tomás.

At the site, she explained, evidence was found such as tent poles, a cartridge casing, plastic gallon bottles, bloodstains, and drag marks, which led to suspicion that the victims may have been assaulted.

"Within hours of the report, we already had two individuals under investigation, as well as various indications pointing to a possible involvement of one of them in these events; the investigation continues and we will apply the full force of the law against these aggressors," emphasized the State Prosecutor.

It is worth noting that, prior to reporting on the progress of the investigation, the Attorney General of Baja California and her team held discussions with relatives of the victims, the Ambassador of Mexico to Australia, the Ambassador of Australia to Mexico, as well as personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to whom solidarity support was reiterated, all the facilities they require, and the commitment to clarify the facts.


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