These were the last moments of the Australian surfers before they were killed in Baja California

Pictures were shared on one of the brother's Instagram profile

Baja Californians and tourists are currently in shock and are looking for justice after the news of the murder of 3 tourists in Ensenada. This is in regards to Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and their companion Carter Rhoad who, after resisting a mugging and car theft, were murdered in cold blood with a firearm and thrown into a well.

Last photos of the Australian tourists' Ensenada trip before being killed

Though these tourist surfers, who were looking to enjoy the land of Baja California, were reported missing on April 27, it wasn't until May 3 that their bodies were found. Last Sunday, May 5, they were identified by their families.

Before this fatal meeting, on social media, Callum Robinson can be seen saying that they were on an amazing trip, enjoying tourist places, eating tacos, drinking beer, and relaxing at the pool.

Callum Robinson on Instagram
Callum Robinson on Instagram
callum10robinson on Instagram
callum10robinson on Instagram

In his last stories, one can see the 3 of them watching the sea at Playa San Miguel, Ensenada, the last place where they were last seen alive. These were also the last moments where they were pictured alive as they would later meet a terrible fate due to criminals who were attempting to steal their vehicle. When they resisted, they were murdered.

Their bodies were thrown into a well approximately 7 kilometers from where they were camping, and a little farther away, their truck was found completely burned.

Tourists don't want to visit Baja California anymore

Since the disappearance of these 3 people was revealed, both Americans and tourists from other countries have said that they don't want to visit Baja California due to the crime in the state that led to the death of 2 Australians and 1 Californian.

On Facebook groups, people have asked if going to Baja Californian municipalities is safe, which has led to positive and negative responses. However, most responses are of people advising others not to visit Baja California for at least the next few months.

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