Gringo Hunters: New show on Netflix being filmed in Baja California

Tijuana and Ensenada were chosen as locations for this new show, inspired by a police unit that catches American fugitives in Mexico

The new Netflix show "Gringo Hunters" will be released next year as one of the big TV bets of this streaming platform. This crime show is inspired by an existing elite Mexican police unit that catches American fugitives in Mexico.

In the morning of May 6, some scenes of this show were filmed at Tijuana's Municipal Palace, one of the many locations that have been chosen in Baja California as the stage for this TV show.

During filming, one can see a crowd of extras with signs and posters pretending to protest and several people dressed as cops.

Previously, filming had taken place at Avenida Revolución in Downtown Tijuana, at Estadio Chevron, Zona Río, and Playas de Tijuana.

In addition, the city of Ensenada has also been used for locations, some of which were the Ventana al Mar pier, the city pier, and the El Vigía mountain lookout.

Everything about the new show: Gringo Hunters

Netflix revealed in a statement their new show: "Gringo Hunters", which will be filmed in Baja California and Mexico City.

The show is inspired by a true police group inspired by a Washington Post article written by Kevin Sieff, which told some of the stories of this elite Mexican unit.

This project stars Harold Torres, Mayra Hermosillo, Manuel Masalva, Andrew Leland Rogers, Héctor Kotsifakis, among others.

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