Baja California state attorney general's office achieves binding over of allegedly implicated individual in the disappearance of three foreigners in Ensenada

The defendant was arrested a few hours after the events.

For the crime of forced disappearance committed by individuals, the Baja California State Attorney General's Office achieved the binding over of Jesús Gerardo "N", alias "El Kekas", who will remain in preventive detention after being implicated in the crime against two Australian brothers and an American in Ensenada.

In a public hearing, the Public Prosecutor's Office presented to the Control Judge the evidence in the investigation file, establishing the alleged participation of Jesús Gerardo "N" in the events for which the Prosecutor's Office previously executed an arrest warrant against him.

It was stated that during the afternoon of Saturday, April 27, and the morning of Sunday, April 28, 2024, in the area known as Punta San José, in the town of Santo Tomás, while the foreigners were camping, they were surprised by Jesús Gerardo "N" and others, with the intention of stealing their vehicle, and upon the victims' reaction, they were deprived of their lives.

Through the investigations carried out by the Investigation Police of the Prosecutor's Office regarding the disappearance of the young people, the burnt Chevrolet Colorado vehicle, white color, model 2016, in which the victims were traveling, was located in the vicinity of the town of Santo Tomás.

Other evidence such as tent poles, firearm cartridges, plastic gallon bottles, bloodstains, and drag marks were also collected at the camping site.

It is worth noting that, through an operation carried out by the Baja California State Attorney General's Office, in coordination with authorities from different levels of government, the bodies were found and extracted from a well over 15 meters deep in a difficult-to-access area, which took more than 12 hours for their extraction, so regarding the homicide, the Prosecutor's Office will also file corresponding criminal charges.

The Baja California State Attorney General's Office remains firmly committed to ensuring justice for the victims and applying the full weight of the law to those involved in this case.


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