Artwalk Rosarito, a creative meeting that will gather more than 60 artists from Mexico and the United States

This free event will take place on May 25 and 26 at CEART in Playas de Rosarito

More than 60 plastic artists from Mexico and the United States will meet at the 4th edition of Artwalk Rosarito, which it will take place on May 25 and May 26 at CEART in Playas de Rosarito.

With a free admission, attendants from both sides of the border will be able to appreciate original fine art, design, painting, and handcrafted pieces and a great exhibition inside the main gallery titled: “Tierras únicas / Identidades de Baja California”, which will pay tribute to the cultural wealth and hidden gems of our region. These include from landscapes, iconography, and characters to the textures and colors that represent our identity, all by acclaimed and emerging artists.

Artwalk Rosarito invites lovers of art to discover new worlds that explore the northwestern border. For American and southern California tourists, there will be a guided tour on Saturday, available at Art Scene Baja, which includes travel from Balboa Park to Artwalk Rosarito and back; a round trip. Price is $48 dollars.

This event will take place from 10 AM to 7 PM at Centro Estatal de Artes in Playas de Rosarito (CEART) during Memorial Day weekend, which means there will be a significant increase of foreign and expat resident tourists in Rosarito as well as North American gallery owners interested in acquiring new artworks.

Special guests include artists from Oaxaca, Mexico City, Morelos, Jalisco, the United States, and Baja California.

As a sign of synergy between two lands, this event is taking place with support by COTUCO Rosarito and its goal is the development of an art market that boosts social coexistence, binational integration, and cultural tourism.

Artwalk Rosarito began after the economic crisis and crime wave that occurred in 2008. Back then, a festival called "Rosarito ArtFest" took place. It was proposed by the artistic community to strengthen social coexistence and economic development through art. After the pandemic, they decided to change their format, little by little, from festival to art fair, which is why the name was changed to Artwalk Rosarito.

Since its origins, this movement has been characterized by promoting art through coexistence and the region's cultural development and including artists and visitors from both sides of the border.

At this event, you will be able to witness artworks from artists such as Claudia Lucero, Beatriz Lelevier, GRECO, Norma Morgan, Tirso Cuevas, Carlos Delgato, Janette Delgadillo, Olga Barrón, Tania Olivares, Luz Olivia Navarro, Alexis Ramírez, Ismael López, Cecilia González, and Ana Valenzuela, among others, as well as students from the Faculty of Art at UABC.

Immerse yourself in the interactive experiences of the world of Frida and La Catrina and delight yourself this weekend with local gastronomy from renowned chefs, paired with wine and craft beer.



Artwalk Rosarito book presentation in the reading room at CEART Rosarito.


Saturday, May 25

1:00 PM: “Matices de una mente joven”. Anthology by students of CECyTE ROSARITO and young Rosarito natives.

2:30 PM: “ELIOT un perro de la calle”, by author Verónica Salgado.

4:00 PM: “Un viaje a la felicidad” by writer and psychologist, Marcela Mora.

5:30 PM: ¨Caminar Juntas¨; by writers Yolanda Morales and Andrea Chavarín.

Sunday, May 26

1:00 PM:“Y muy tarde comprendí”, by writer Pedro Ochoa.

2:30 PM: “Buzón de notas de vida”. Anthology by writers Alicia Acuña Sandoval, Siyu, Claudia Santiago Vázquez, Edith Florez Félix, Pitty Lamar, Margarita Arroyo Alfaro (Elimar), and Jorge Rodarte Corro.

4:00 PM: “El murmullo entre las viñas”, by writer Diana Heredia.

5:30 PM:“Una Eternidad y mil más por pasar”, by writer Alessandro Cervantes.

Tierras Únicas Artists

Alfredo Libre (TJ)

Instagram: /libre_hem
Facebook: /libre.gutierrez

Marco Miranda (MXLI)

Instagram: /elpintormiranda
Facebook: /elpintormiranda

Rocío Hofmmann (Rosarito)

Instagram: /rociohoffmannsilva
Facebook: /galeria.roho

Marlen Castor (Rosarito)

Instagram: /marlencastor
Facebook: /ArtMarlenCastor

Esaú Andrade (TJ)

Instagram: /EsauArte
Facebook: /esau.andrade.79

Garzón Masabo (TJ)

Instagram: /garzonmasabo
Facebook: Garzon Masabo

Carlos Coronado (MXLI), one of the great masters of Baja California

Facebook: /carlos.coronadoortega


Yolanda Morales and Andrea Chavarín (Señorita Lechuga) (TJ)

Instagram: /senoritalechuga
Facebook: /LechugaSenorita

Pedro Ochoa (TJ)

Facebook: /Cultura.Mexicana.En.La.Frontera

Verónica Salgado (ENS)

Facebook: /EliotUnPerroDeLaCalle

Artists and artisans at the terrace

David Silvah (RTO)

Instagram: /dsilvahart
Facebook: /davidsilvahart

Germán Rubio (RTO)

Instagram: /artegermanrubiosierra
Facebook: /diablit33

Galería Puerto Nuevo (RTO)

Instagram: /puertonuevogallery
Facebook: /puertonuevogallery05

Tirso Cuevas (OAX)

Facebook: /Artesanias.Tirso.Cuevas

Dania Elisai (MOR)

Instagram: /daniaelisaiarte
Instagram: /ama.atl.galeria

Karla Voelker (SD)

Instagram: /karla.voelker
Facebook: /KarlaVoelkerArte

Carlos Delgato (RTO)

Instagram: /CarlosDelgato
Facebook: /DelgatoCarl

Angélico Jiménez (OAX)

Facebook: /Angelik.Carrillo.7

To learn more, check out the following social media pages:

Artwalk Rosarito

Facebook: /artwalkrosarito
Instagram: /artwalkrosarito

COTUCO Rosarito

Facebook: /rosaritobajanorte
Instagram: @rosarito_baja

VIDEO: Art Walk in CEART Rosarito, B.C


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