Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California issues statement after killing of surfers and uses this opportunity to announce upcoming events

The substitute mayor of Ensenada, Carlos Ibarra, has not publicly commented about this incident, but he has been promoting tourism in the region

A wave of violence is hitting the state of Baja California, as only a few days ago, two Australian brothers and a young American man were victims of homicide.

This incident occurred in Santo Tomás, in the city of Ensenada, when the young men resisted an alleged car theft, were attacked with a firearm and thrown off a cliff.

According to data by INEGI, Rosarito, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, and Tecate are in the top 5 nationwide on car thefts.

In addition, Baja California is showing high crime rates which have increased since 2018, according to the National System of Public Security. It is estimated that, so far in 2024, there have been 559 homicides in the state.

Keep reading: Concern among tourists regarding crime in Baja California increases after killing of surfers

The murder of Jack Carter and brothers Jack and Callum Robinson has caused concern and uncertainty among American tourists regarding how safe it is to go on vacation in Baja California.

On the Facebook group "Talk Baja", several questions have been raised regarding crime and criminal organizations in the state.

Due to this, the Secretariat of Tourism of BC has shared their perspective on this tragic event:

"Regarding the recent incidents that occurred in Baja California, we understand the concern that this could cause among our visitors and customers. The State's Attorney General Office has carried out the proper investigations and has made significant progress in order to deliver justice," the agency said.

SECTURE stated that they are in coordination with security agencies to follow up on this investigation's progress. However, they also used this statement to promote their upcoming events.

"This year we have great events as part of the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Caesar salad in Tijuana, the Meat Capital Festival in Mexicali, the "2 Mares" Sport Fishing Tournament in San Felipe, the San Quintin Beerfest, Wine Harvest Celebrations, Day of the Dead Festival in Tecate, and the off-road SCORE Baja 500 and SCORE Baja 1000 races, which is why, security has been strengthened by federal state, and municipal authorities," they explained.

Absence on social media of substitute mayor of Ensenada, Carlos Ibarra

The substitute mayor of Ensenada, Carlos Ibarra Aguiar, who is currently substituting for Armando Ayala Robles, candidate who took a leave of absence to run as a candidate for Senator of Mexico, has not issued any public statements about this incident nor has he offered condolences to the families.

Ibarra's last post on social media was a promotion of tourism in the city and announcing the new "Firenze" cruise, which belongs to Carnival Cruise Line.

"With great joy, I share that I just went to the arrival of a new cruise (...) this boat will add more economic revenue to our municipality with its arrivals. Carnival Firenze now sails in the Mexican Pacific. Welcome!", Ibarra Aguiar, the current municipal president of Ensenada, wrote.

The Municipal Administration of Ensenada has excused itself from any responsibility regarding this situation, without following up on the investigation nor sharing updates about the case which is carried out by the State Attorney's General Office.

Statements have been provided by the government of Baja California, however. The information revealed has not been clear enough for the foreign community, who are still worrying about the crime and wave of violence that is hitting the region.


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