Attention Tijuana natives! New rules to cross into the U.S. with your pet have been announced

New rules will be implemented soon regarding crossing into the country with dogs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have said that starting on August 1, all dogs that come into the US, including those who leave the country and come back, regardless of which country they are coming from, will need to fulfill certain requirements, and if they do not, entry will be prohibited.

CDC has issued rules to improve their control of dog entries into the US. These important rules will apply to all dogs, including puppies, service animals, and those who left the country and came back. This applies if you are an American citizen, a legal US resident, or a foreigner.

Rules that you must follow

  • Dogs must be healthy when they arrive
  • Must be at least 6 months old
  • Have a microchip installed
  • Must be accompanied by a completed a dog CDC import form and the required veterinary and vaccination documents

There will be additional requirements that will apply depending on where the dog has been in the last 6 months. For example, if it comes from a country with a high risk of contracting rabies or if it is not vaccinated.

To know if your dog can cross into the US, you can use the CDC tool "DogBot" where you will answer questions that will tell you if your dog can be admitted into the country.

Why are the rules being changed?

This change was made because canine rabies was eradicated in the US in 2007, however, it has not been controlled in more than 100 countries, which can create a risk for the US if dogs are admitted without being inspected.

These rules' goal is to protect the health and safety of people and animals to avoid the return of canine rabies in the United States.


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