Tijuana is enjoying perfect weather, while other states in Mexico "boil" due to heat wave

Almost the entire country is experiencing a heat wave

Mexico's current weather should be mostly cool in the middle of spring and summer, however, due to recent conditions, almost the entire country is experiencing extreme heat.

Mexico suffers under extreme heat, while Tijuana enjoys low temperatures

This week, almost all states in Mexico have been experiencing a recent heat wave that is making them take desperate measures. In fact, the increase in electric energy used, for air conditioners and fans, has been causing outages in the last few days.

On the other hand, in a complete 180° turn, Tijuana is currently experiencing practically perfect weather, with cool cloudy mornings and evenings. Meanwhile, in the afternoon the sun comes out providing a slight increase in temperatures so that we can take off our jackets.

Weather website Meteored explains that Tijuana won't have temperatures beyond 22°C (72°F) in the next few days, which means we will have perfect weather conditions for a Mother's Day weekend.

In contrast to Tijuana, other Mexican states, especially those closer to the Gulf of Mexico, are currently experiencing extreme temperatures that range between 39°C to 46°C (102°F to 115°F) making it impossible for daily activities, such as going for walks, to take place as there is a danger of heat stroke.

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