Ismael Burgueño is legally suitable to participate for the mayor's office of Tijuana: Court of Justice of Baja California

The candidate can run in this election

The Court of Electoral Justice of Baja California ratified this Thursday, May 9 that the MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana, Ismael Burgueño Ruiz, can legally run in the election.

My candidacy is stronger than ever and I will be Tijuana's next mayor. Let's continue making history in Baja California.

He reiterated that he is confident that authorities will do what's right as arguments used by his political adversaries to contest his candidacy are baseless.

This is what the MORENA candidate reaffirmed:

There are those who, sadly, want to taint my image, they want to slander and they resort to a dirty war because we are leading in the polls, but nothing that they are doing will work, because they are lies.

He reiterated that they will continue to work without distractions by touring and meeting with people to listen to their concerns and reveal a work plan with a humanistic vision to build better times for Tijuana.

At noon, Ismael Burgueño toured the street market of Módulos 2 in Otay, where he gifted flowers to the women buying groceries at the market and merchants to celebrate Mother's Day.

VIDEO: Ismael Burgueño tours street market of Las Torres during campaign


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