Girlfriend of murdered surfer reveals last message sent by Callum Robinson: "I'm just thinking about you"

The young woman has not stopped remembering the surfer with photos and messages

The murdered surfers in Santo Tomas, Ensenada, continue to be a topic of conversation among the tourism and foreign community due to the tragic conclusion of their story, which is still being investigated by authorities.

On social media, we have been witnesses to dozens of goodbyes and messages full of warmth and pain from family members and close friends. However, what has moved people the most is an audio shared by Emily Horwath (girlfriend of Australian surfer, Callum Robinson), which was apparently one of the last messages that the young man sent her before he was killed.

This is what the message said:

Happy Tuesday! Good morning It’s 11:11 and I’m just thinking about you. Just wanted to drop you a quick message and say hello, baby. Hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day. I’m sensing a big grin on your face. I hope you’re full of positivity and smiles. Cheers, baby.

Emily Horwath has not stopped sharing memories of Callum Robinson, claiming that she will play his last message forever. In the afternoon of May 9, she uploaded a photograph where she was at the beach and had written "I miss you" in the sand.

Concern continues among foreign tourists

Groups dedicated to traveling to La Baja are asking whether it is safe to go to places such as San Quintin, La Paz, Loreto, and others. Many users have claimed that there is crime everywhere, while the rest claim that Baja California has left a bad taste in their mouths due to crime.

VIDEO: Callum Robinson's girlfriend reveals last message she received from young surfer


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