Real estate agency Loinz Business Group highlights virtues of Tijuana regarding purchase of industrial land

National and foreign businesspeople are seeing the advantages of building industrial warehouses in the city

Loinz Business Group, being a leading realty specialty company in the market has been in charge of adding value to the projects that several investors have in northern Mexico, especially in Tijuana, which they have highlighted due to its continuous growth and expansion in the construction industry.

To achieve a successful investment, Loinz Business Group's mission is to provide strategic and business guidance for their clients' processes so they can obtain resources that allow for the correct operation of built corporations, industrial warehouses, and new buildings in the region, making the city a launching pad for urban and economic development matters.

Currently there are 117,000 hectares to urbanize in Baja California, which is a great opportunity to build the cities of the future and the infrastructure of the state that has evolved as a border region. This is especially true in eastern Tijuana as there are new trends in the market with good opportunities.

"Deer Park" industrial park
"Deer Park" industrial park

On May 9, the REB + Summit (Real Estate Business Summit) took place in which several representatives and brokers met at Hotel Quartz to talk about the state's industrial competitiveness, the development of industrial parks, and the impact of the cost of land.

At this panel, Lourdes Inzunza, CEO of Loinz Business Group was present and he highlighted the virtues of Tijuana, for example, by being an attractive area for the industry to invest in:

Tijuana continues to be a geographically important spot due to its proximity to Los Angeles. It is competitive because it has a qualified workforce and rent prices are attractive.

He explained that businesses have been increasingly coming to Tijuana and Rosarito because both are emerging areas in the industry.

We promote platformed macrolots. The goal is for investors to find the issue of land use already resolved, as well as the feasibility of utilities and energy. This is what is attracting new profiles of buyer customers.

It should be noted that in the last three years 15 million square feet have been added to Tijuana's industrial area.

As a company, a valuable contribution of this real estate agency is that, through their management, they can make all procedures and processes easier, especially those permits related to the launching and necessary resources to operate, one of the main concerns of emerging businesses. This is accompanied by constant guidance which provides investors with trust and the certainty that their capital is secure.

With this frame of mind, Lourdes Inzunza spoke about the different profiles of the clients in the industry. Some of them have acquired experience and skills from central Mexico and are now looking for opportunities in Tijuana:

We have investors that developed neighborhoods and businesses, and now want to invest in the industrial area because warehouses are more profitable, and construction costs are lower. There are also clients that want to purchase portfolios and industrial warehouses they can refurbish.

Regarding the challenges of the real estate market, he said:

The energy issue is definitely an everyday problem. It is the one issue that gives developers the greatest distrust and lack of certainty. That's why it is important to guide the buyer, not only the purchasing of land at a lower price. It is about analyzing what the area offers such as available workforce, infrastructure of utilities, and how long it takes to get energy, crossing times, and connectivity. We have management reach to provide energy in one year on average. With a low demand logistics and manufacturing client, there are 450 kws for each built hectare. We are dedicated to making analysis to create qualified investment models that turn out successful.

Another issue to resolve is the speeding up of border crossings, the installation of drainage systems, and the sanitation of wastewater, which is why they are constantly looking to influence the modification of Tijuana's new urban development law.

The CEO of Loinz Business Group spoke about the future of our city and the aspirations that they have regarding industrial growth.

Tijuana is projected to become a medical and semiconductor cluster. We are experts on logistic issues due to its natural geography. We have increasingly welcomed more Asian, Chinese, and Korean companies, mainly. We must be one step ahead. Regarding cooperation with the government, chambers are playing an excellent role by creating proposals and initiatives in regulations to create compensations for developers who invest in energy infrastructure such as parks' substations. Just like with water treatment plans, there are several challenges regarding water and drainage issues that they must resolve. This does not include the demands of a "LEED" certification.

The business relationship that Loinz Business Group wants is that of a permanent client, so that it can help them to expand and search for investments.

Speaking about the REB + Summit, Lourdes Inzunza stated what this summit represents for brokers and real estate agencies.

This type of forums that promote those who are involved in this industry are excellent. This way we can have access to information and hard data, always looking for professionalization as real estate agents.

Lastly, he emphasized the search of small industrial developments that wish to invest and the great opportunities that they offer so that their project is successful.

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