CECyTE BC participates in Hackathon State Competition in Mexicali

Baja Californian students participated in this competition in Mexicali

More than 50 students from several different facilities of the School of Scientific and Technological Studies of Baja California (CECyTE BC) participated in the 2024 Hackathon State Competition which took place in Mexicali with the goal of presenting projects that provide solutions to environmental problems with support from creativity and technology.

Managing director of CECyTE BC, Christian Hiram Dunn Fitch, said the following:

With these projects, our students showed us that limits are in our minds and that with proper tools and good guidance, ideas become a reality. We saw brilliant projects and many desires to improve. I can only be proud of their creativity and provide them with support as an institution so that their ideas can reach better places.

In this edition, 14 students of the Programming and Electronics degrees from the Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, and Rosarito school facilities participated. They presented projects focused on solving current problems regarding education, health, wellbeing, environmental, ecology, inclusion, security, and urban administration matters.

The results of this competition were as following: 1st place was won by Compuertas school with the project "Tuka", an application that promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps to develop diet plans with remote guidance from nutritionists. They also won a pass to participate in the national Hackathon competition, from June 11 to June 13 which will take place in the city of Puebla de Zaragoza, where they will face off against CECyTE students from all over Mexico.

The team of La Presa school won 2nd place with the project "Linces LSM", an educational application to learn Mexican sign language in a didactic and functional manner. 3rd place was worn by the team of Centenario school with the project “VEHMIC Vehículo microcontrolador”, an application for ambulances and emergency services that allows for the coordination and speeding up of traffic.

This competition is organized every year by the Department of Linking from the Educational Services Agency in coordination with the Decentralized State Organizations (ODES) of CECyTE in order to promote comprehensive development through technological innovation and interest in a better society.

The jury was made up of professionals from the technology, mobile application development, and technological education industries such as: representative of Sparks corporation, Aurora Gabriela Pimentel Sandoval; representative of Intuitive corporation, José Luis Arroyo Pelayo; and Director LAIIT of Grupo Educativo 16 de septiembre, Jesús Rivera Martínez.

At this event, the following people were present: head of the Educational Linking Office of Baja California, Guadalupe Acuña Álvarez; the Director of Higher Education, María del Rosario Varela Ortiz; head of the Linking Department of CECyTE, Sonia Lara Sepúlveda; and representative of Universidad Politécnica Baja California, José Antonio D. León Berrones, as well as school executives, teachers, and administrative staff of CECyTE, local businesspeople, and special guests.

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