Total cruelty! Dog attacked in Tijuana is put inside plastic bag: it still showed signs of life

The dog's family is asking for justice

On Facebook, several cases looking to create awareness or demand justice have gone viral, and this is what is currently happening to a family in Tijuana who shared the heartbreaking story of their dog named Santino.

Justice for Santino: dog attacked and left to die in Tijuana

One of these reports by user Fanny Betrado has caused a lot of empathy from the animal-loving community. At first, they had reported the 11-year-dog named Santino had gone missing. However, it was later revealed that the dog had been found, but not like they expected, as the only thing they got back was its lifeless body.

It was explained that Santino had accidentally left his home in Tijuana on Monday, May 13. After looking for it and posting about his disappearance on social media, it was 9 hours later that a neighbor told them that a husky dog "had eaten him". Then, they discovered Santino's body inside a plastic bag. This happened 3 houses away, but the woman claimed that "she didn't need to let them know because she was very busy."

It wasn't until Tuesday, May 14, that access to the residential unit's security cameras was obtained, they were able to see the moment of the incident, and the truth was revealed: this husky had also escaped from the neighbors' home and attacked Santino.

After the attack, Santino still had signs of life and was moving his head, legs, and even tail. However, he was ignored by the family, put inside a trash bag, and left aside, and no medical assistance or chance to save his life was provided.

Santino's owners, while crying, noticed that the neighbors never helped him, leaving him to die in an agonizing and sad way. Besides being wounded by the attack, he slowly suffocated inside this plastic bag.

The post read as follows:

Our family understands that if a dog leaves his home, it is the owner's responsibility BUT what they did is something completely DIFFERENT. If you see that the dog is ALIVE, WHY DID YOU PUT HIM IN A TRASH BAG AND THROW HIM AWAY? We live inside a private residential area, this happened 3 houses away. Santino was 11 years old and he was our family. These people could ask the security guard if he knew the dog, but it is obvious THAT THEY NEVER HAD THE INTENTION TO DO SO, THEY TOOK SANTINO AWAY FROM US IN SUCH A COLD, INHUMANE, CRUEL WAY, AND WE ARE ASKING FOR JUSTICE. WE ASK FOR THE LAW TO BE ENFORCED. MY SANTINO WAS ANOTHER LIFE.

On Sunday, May 19, there was a march to let people know about Santino's case and demand justice. So far, it is unknown if any type of legal action will be carried out against the people who let this dog die.

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